Community of Tomorrow
Format Guidelines Format Guidelines

Format Guidelines

Although teams desire to create the most exciting (and sometimes visually complex) websites, please focus on fact-finding. Remember, technical content rules!  Once you have solid footing to justify your community development project, you are then ready to work on the website, which includes the Opening, Team Profile, Teaming and Communication, and Design screens. 

Opening Screen Requirements

The Opening (first) Screen that must have your team's:

  • COT Project Number, within this statement: "COT Project # (give your team's COT number _____) was made for the 2009-2010 "Community of Tomorrow Program."
  • project title.
  • 50-word statement regarding the scope of the project
  • school or organization and the state in which it is located.

General Requirements

  • Your COT project should have at least six screens but not more than 25 screens.
  • Graphics, pictures, charts, scanned items, video and/or sound are allowed if they make your team's project better.

All additional screens must have direct hyperlinks to:

  • information important to the project, so that judges can easily find it.
    • For instance, do not use a hyperlink to the opening page of a company's website when the information you want to show is located under "Special Projects." The hyperlink should go directly to "Special Projects."
  • original sources of facts, figures, graphs or pictures taken from the Internet.
    • Judges check the sources (using these hyperlinks) to decide if the information is valid and conforms to the content guidelines.
  • other sites incorporated right into the text.
    • Teams have made bibliographies (or Reference or Credits pages) with all the links on one page. But incorporated links let judges easily validate the content and relate it to its Internet sources.

Team Profile Screen

The Project Team Profile Screen that provides the names of the:

  • students on your team (using only the first names and first initials of the last names), but only if parents of the team members, the teacher and the school administration approve.
  • team's teacher and any other educational personnel who provided assistance to your team.
  • team's school or organization and the state in which it is located.
  • any other people who provided support to your team (include their title or relationship).
  • team's technical advisor(s), and if your advisor gives his/her approval, please also include:
    • the company or organization where he or she works, and
    • his or her position/title.
    If your team:
    • has more than one technical advisor, please include all advisors on this screen.
    • is unable to find a technical advisor, please include information on the team's efforts to obtain a technical advisor, such as e-mail sent, places contacted, etc.

Team Assessment Screen

The Team Assessment Screen must include:

  • two 100-word paragraphs written by the team on what they experienced regarding:
    1. teaming and communication (how did it progress between: students, students and the teacher, and students and the technical advisor), and
    2. community development (what did your team learn about working on a local project; developing a needs assessment to justify the project and adhering to building design guidelines).

Design Screen

The Design Screen that must have a:

  • visual representation that must:
    • relate directly to Component Three - Task One of the content guidelines.
    • involve a design that:
      • provides a detailed pictorial drawing, illustration, floor plan or computer-generated image that represents your team's proposed community development project,
      • includes details outlining major components/elements of the proposed project using text with arrows.
    • must appear on the final project website in digital format.